Terry’s submission continues… Dawn of a New Era (Wife in Charge II)


After Terry’s fantasy life had been discovered by his dearly beloved in Wife In Charge, things around the house seemed to be in a constant state of change. Save one little detail- There was no doubt who was in control! Now Terry struggles to accept the changes that his wife turned Mistress often reminds him- He Wanted!

With inner turmoil boiling over, and a knack for failing his Mistress, the entire world is about to spin out of his control. But not to worry, Mistress Tonya has a very good grip on everything!

Dawn Of a New Era is an 8200 word continuation of Terry’s on going struggle between the reality he has left behind, and a new reality based on the fantasy he had dreamed about for so many years. It is a tale filled with BDSM, Femdom, and discipline from a woman who knows exactly what she wants.

“Let’s get you out of that chair shall we,” she asked rhetorically as she leaned down to free his legs.
Something inside his brain registered a red flag. Never before had Tonya been so nice when he was being punished. There had to be something going on… but what?

That was a question he could not ask without severe repercussions. Experience had taught him to keep his mouth shut and not ask those types of questions. He would have to wait until she chose to share whatever secret she had up her sleeve.

With muscles nearly lifeless from so long in one position, Terry’s body slithered off the chair and onto the floor at the feet of his Mistress by no will of his choosing.

“Ready to kiss my feet and ask forgiveness are you,” she chided.

The crumpled form on the floor uttered the proper answer… “Yes Mistress.”

“Gather yourself, when I get back I expect you kneeling proper,” she said and headed for the stairs.
A click of the lock told him she was not finished with him yet.

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New Release – ProbeD by the Alien


Hello readers, and thank you for allowing me to share today!!

ProbeD by the Alien (Alien Sex Slave Series)
A romantic evening in the park turns into a group of friends worst nightmare, as they are abducted by aliens who use their bodies anyway they want to.




Ginger Singh and Roxie Elms are a duo of erotica writers pushing the envelope and enjoying the hell out of it. Check out our stalker links to keep up with our work!



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I came to in the dark not able to see in front of me. There was something holding my arms above my head, and something holding my feet to some type of platform. I was stood straight up, and I could tell that I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“Hello,” I called out and heard someone whimpering to my left.

Before I had a chance to call out to them the platform started to move, and took me straight down. I was facing the ground and falling. I started to scream loudly. There was a light where the ground should be. It was a floor of some sort covered in blue circles that were lighting the surrounding area. I screamed louder as I continued falling through the air towards the floor. Just before I hit, the lights on the platform slowed down, and I was upright again. We were in some type of arena. I could see Carl across from me still unconscious on his own platform. He was completely naked and his dick was being held straight out by a metal device. He was huge, twice the size of Thomas in girth and length. The metal apparatus must have kept him hard.

I stared longer than I meant to but couldn’t help myself. It was no wonder Diana was always so happy. I felt like I was dreaming, almost as if I had been drugged. As more lights cut on around us I saw that we were all four in the same situation strapped to black platforms, naked, and tied up. Thomas was looking around frantic, hard again from the metal brace holding his dick.

“Are you okay babe,” he called out to me when his eyes landed on my naked body.

“Do I fucking look okay, Thomas?” I was angry he would ask.

“I meant are you hurt. Did someone hurt you?” Okay that was kind of sweet.

“No, but I would like to know what the hell is going on.” Diana was still whimpering. I looked over at her trembling body. Her big natural breasts were jiggling in the black leather straps that had her chest pressed back against the black board. I looked down noticing my breasts were free, but they weren’t as big as hers.

As more and more lights came on, it became apparent that we were in an arena full of people who began to cheer. They weren’t people though; they were green with giant heads. Fucking aliens! This could not be happening to me, I told myself, biting my cheek to try and wake up. I felt certain it had to be a dream. The little green men I had always heard about weren’t little at all. One was walking up to us, and he was massive, he had bulging arm muscles and a wide chest. They wore nothing but loin cloths so I could see that he had tight abs.  Except for the giant green head and the big black eyes, he had a nice body. There were women, too. At least I assumed they were women based on the four large breasts sitting on each of their exposed chests. Apparently, loin cloths were the uniform of choice for aliens regardless of whether you were male or female. .

“What are you going to do to us?” I didn’t know if they spoke English, but I was willing to try to figure out what was happening. The one in front of me tilted his head and then spoke in a clicking and moaning language, but as he pushed a strange belt buckle the clicking was translated.

“Greetings, sex slaves, you are here for one purpose. You are here for our entertainment as our puppets.” I wanted to scream and cry as the crowd erupted in a fit of applause and yelling. Nothing made sense. How the hell had we ended up here?

Diana was begging the lady standing in front of her to let her go. She was speaking quietly so the rest of us couldn’t hear her, but the words traveled in the arena. We all heard her begging just for herself to be let go, and no one else. What a selfish bitch.

The clicking continued and was translated so we understood.

“Let the show begin.”

Claire’s Journey ~ The Layover by Cecile Duval (First Scene)

 Des Moines, Iowa

The hotel bar was like any number of the other Midwest travel hotels she’d seen for the last few weeks. Traveling as a nurse recruiter sent her across the US and after three years the excitement had waned. The cities had blended into a single airport and a single bar and a single fresh faced young person ready to begin his or her career. The only difference was the temperature outside.

Tonight in Des Moines, it was a chilly fifty-six degrees, much too cold for the sleeveless cocktail dress. She stretched the short hem down to her knees.

The dress had arrived at her hotel, just before she left San Diego with a note from Pascal saying that she would wear this for their first actual encounter.

Actual encounter. There had been many virtual encounters over the past seven months.

It had been the absolute boredom and distance from anyone else that had her sent looking on the internet for something…anything. It was either that or consume another beer and pass out.

For her efforts she had found The Blackbird Group.

And for a hundred and ten dollars she’d been granted temporary access to review profiles of others who were searching for something. They were more in tune than she was for what they wanted. Their requirements were well thought out while her needs were vague, shapeless ideas. In those furious few hours before dawn, she realized what would make one more plane ride bearable.

She submitted her application, a grueling fifteen page document that required her signing for a credit report and a criminal background check. In the next few days, she received a notice that an appointment had been created with a physician in her hometown.

She’d passed and in two months, she was allowed to create her profile. During those first hours, she had checked her inbox and combed through the messages. Reading and rereading the risqué posts with an excitement she hadn’t felt in years.

Pascal’s wasn’t the first inquiry she chose to respond to but he had captured her attention by a kind of poetry to his prose. And she had moved forward to the chat room with him.

He seemed tamer in the virtual room of blinking cursors and explained in clinical detail what he wanted to do to her. It wasn’t as exciting as she was looking for, but maybe she should start slow. A photo of only her breasts was his first request. Once he had received, he told her all the things he wanted to do to them and well…things got interesting.

They began a regular sharing of photos and nights in the chat room where he described in great detail squeezing her breasts together in his hands and sliding his cock in between. Having her lie down while he stuffed his cock into her mouth. Among other things.

There was a decision to be made. What would she do for their first meeting? She had to decide what she She’d gone with tame.


Her body tensed and she let out a small “Oh”.

“Did you want to finish your drink?”

Simple question. She couldn’t find an answer.

He sat down next to her and she looked at his face for the first time. After seven months, she’d only seen parts of him.

He was more handsome than she’d imagined.

From the photos, she knew he was fit but hadn’t expected the piercing green eyes and bushy dark blond hair that waved over his face. She also hadn’t expected someone quite as young looking. After dealing with twenty-somethings for a living, thirty-two seemed older. But maybe she’d been stretching that for her own benefit.

“Go ahead and finish. I’ll just watch.”

The sound of his voice and the words themselves made drinking difficult. Her chest was heaving up and down and she felt like she was going to pass out.

Pascal waved away the bartender, who’d come to refill her soda, and stroked her arm. “Kandi, the choice is yours if you don’t want to go through with this…” His voice trailed away as his fingers reached the hem of her dress and pressed underneath to circle over her skin. “I do want to. You are more beautiful in person.

“I want to.”

He smiled and her heart stopped as the dazzle from his eyes set the room ablaze with light.

“Bon. What is your safe word?”


“Then we start? Two hours. That was the agreement?”


“Put her drink on my tab. Room four-twenty.”

The bartender nodded and went back to watching the basketball game. She noticed the man’s second glance as they walked from the bar, Pascal’s hand around her waist. They must have been quite an odd pair – a tall, sexy young man looking as if he were on his way to a college football game and a forty-something year old black woman in a cocktail dress who probably looked nervous as hell.


Walking into the appointed hotel room, Pascal asked her to repeat their agreement – touching, fingering, oral sex just for her this time and vaginal sex. It sounded so clinical and yet her panties were wet by the time she finished the recitation.

“Turn around.” His voice hardened.

She turned to face the wall and sucked in her breath as the cool air from the lowering of the dress’s zipper blew across her skin. He peeled the top down her arms and she watched the silk pool at her feet. His hands moved down her back and his strong fingers hooked into the waistband of her panties. She felt his body slide down hers, pulling the panties with him. He anchored his hands around her hip bones and kissed over her bottom, dragging his lips and nipping over her tingling flesh. Her thighs quivered and her breath began to hitch in her chest.

“Oh, God…,” she whimpered and he stopped. Released her to stand on her own. “I’m sorry.” She’d just gotten so nervous.

“Just catch your breath.” She was messing this up. This wasn’t the fantasy he wanted. He hadn’t flown half way across the country to end up in a room with a woman who was about to faint from a bite on the ass.

She heard his breath draw in sharply. “Kandi, lay down on the bed on your stomach and spread your legs. I am going to fuck you and we will start again.”

She crawled into bed, thankful that something else was supporting her besides her wobbly legs.

“First examine the condom packet.”

She wasn’t prepared for what she saw when she turned around. His thick cock pointing straight out at her and his narrowed eyes filled with desire. He handed her the packet.

“Open and roll it on.”

Her fingers fumbled with the foil, after several tries she managed to get it around him and adjusted her body on the bed as he’d instructed. The bed dipped with his weight.

His taut body rested half on and half off hers and his hands slid up to her breasts. She moaned as he kneaded, soothing away the ache of her nipples which had shrunk into tight points.

“Lift your ass.”

She pushed up as far as she could into the hard curve of his stomach and the tip of his cock circled her wet entrance. She could feel the guidance of his hands helping to push his member into her. Her body clenched through each long thrust with a low throaty moan.

His harsh breaths stuttered against her ears and with a groan he turned them on their side. “Kandi, rub your clit.” He grasped her knee, spreading her wide while swiveling his hips into her from behind.

His chin hooked over her shoulder giving him a line of sight to her fingers sliding through the burning wetness between her legs and plucking the tight, tingling bud.

He said something in French maybe and his hips slammed against her ass, driving him deeper into her and sending her flying into another space. Her body was shuddering, breaking apart while his constricted around her. She couldn’t hold the screams that followed as he rolled her back onto her stomach and pumped furiously until he was groaning as loudly as she was. Indecipherable grunts tumbled through his lips over her back.

“Oh God,” she whimpered and shattered beneath him.

How long she lay there or how long before he rolled off, she didn’t know. She’d just had the greatest orgasm of her entire life and it didn’t matter at all.

At some point, the room had come back into focus.

“Shower. I will join you.”

“Okay,” She didn’t try to arrange what had just happened into something logical, simply got out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom.



For his first time in the dominant role, he had not performed well. Lina, his former lover, would not be pleased. He’d been too anxious, gone too quickly. Luckily Kandi, was inexperienced or he would have lost control of the entire situation.

He took a few deep breaths.

Never had he expected to look at her in anyway except one that was sexual. Two people living out a fantasy for a night…not even a night. Two hours…with a beautiful woman.

Kandi hadn’t embellished her looks, she’d downplayed them. He never would have guessed she was forty if he saw her walking down the street. She looked like a woman he’d try to buy a drink for in a bar in his real life.


He took a deep focusing breath and headed into the shower. He had another hour and fifteen minutes with her and he would give her the best first time he could. Then she could move on to someone more experienced. That’s what she was paying for.


Pascal stepped into the small enclosure inside a bathroom tub. She had let the water drip over her entire body, not caring that her hair was wet and would probably frizz into a fro within the hour. She had been sore and her body was still tingling all over. Her heart thudded in a seemingly never ending race to get nowhere.

He turned her around to face him and handed her a towel. “Wash me.”

She soaped it up and brought the towel to his chest washing over the broad muscles of his pecs, watching in fascination as the small nipples shrunk into dark pink nubs. She refrained from sucking the points into her mouth and moved the towel through the thin hair across his chest. Those too transformed into darker curls and she licked her lips. Was she allowed to do more than he asked?

Unsure, she followed the flow of suds and swept the towel over the deep grooves of his stomach muscles. This was calming, her heart stopped stuttering, her breathing slowed. She washed his cock feeling it grow in her hand, moved to his balls and underneath. His appreciative moans sent excited tingles through her and she sunk slowly down to wash each of his legs, making sure to push up to his tight ass. Without thought, she licked across his wet tip and he groaned.

“Enough. Dry off and go to the bed.”

Stunned, she quickly got out of the tub. Had she done something wrong? He seemed to be enjoying it and then he’d wanted her to stop. The thoughts came back to her that she was ruining his night and she was so enjoying hers.

Well, he could find someone else. She had a little over an hour left and it was hers.

She positioned herself on the bed as previously instructed, grasping her wrist beneath the pillow.

Pascal followed shortly afterwards. “No, on your back with your knees up.”

She readjusted and he sunk down between her legs.

In slow lapping strokes, he licked her. One hand held her thigh down while the other plucked her nipples. One. And then the other. She was creaming in an instant, her hips bucking into his mouth and her hands twisting from the pillow behind her head into his hair. She was groaning before she knew it and he began sucking harder. He captured her swollen clit between his lips and flicked his tongue across it. She couldn’t take the sensation any longer and pushed his head up screaming for him to stop while waves of pleasure rippled low across her belly and flooded down her legs.

He sat back on his haunches, breathing through his mouth. “Back down. He reached into the drawer and took out a condom, rolled it on and rammed into her. “Ah….yes….yesss….”

Still in the throes of her climax, the waves intensified and she felt as if her head was going to explode. She held tightly to the arms straining beside her while her legs moved restlessly against his thighs. Pascal pushed into her at a maddening pace, muttering and groaning through clenched teeth.

Pushing through another crashing wave, she arched off the bed into the curved recesses of his body.


Her body acted of its own accord pushing powerfully upward. For a brief second, she saw his stormy green eyes swirl to a turbulent brown before they closed and his rolled slowly back onto his shoulders. With no conscious guidance, her hips swiveled up against him. Pascal dropped onto his elbows and then fell on top of her.

She wrapped her arms around him, his soft moans blowing against her ear and she moaned as well.

“Khan…” He popped his head up and his mouth stopped moving. He held her gaze for a moment like he was seeing her for the first time and lowered his head to hers. His lips brushed across hers, and then his tongue dipped inside, moved languidly over the insides of her mouth. He withdrew for a breath and started again, his fingers trailing along her jaw line.

She began to move her tongue against his. She wanted this kiss too. This forbidden moment in a night of the forbidden. Kissing had not been a part of their agreement. She eased back into the pillows so they could continue unhurried and relaxed.


Littleton, South Carolina

Gerard Pontillier, walked alone back to his house. The fun on the beach was not what he was looking for now. His friends would understand and attribute his sudden departure to homesickness. Since returning from Vancouver two weeks ago, he had been noticeably sullen.

Of course, missing his family was not the reason. There had been no messages from Kandi. He had searched the site almost hourly for any sign that she had been active.

Stupid kiss.

He would most likely never see her again. She was probably turned off and afraid. There was something more intimate about kissing than fucking and being fucked. Especially the kissing they’d done – long slow deep caresses. That was something you shared with a lover not a dominant for hire. He’d crossed the line.

He circled through the rooms of the small beach house and wound up where his feet were surely taking him all along. To his bedroom….to his desk…to his computer.

The Blackbird site was pinned to his search bar and he only had to tap the mouse and enter his password. He immediately clicked Kandi’s profile.

She was now at a little over nine hundred views. Twelve more than she’d had this morning. She was not in the top profiles of those interested in black women for the Blackbird crowd, they wanted younger and curvier.

His fantasy, though, had evolved from his first experiences with his sister’s Somali nanny. For his eighteenth birthday, Lina had given an awkward gangly teenager the best gift of all times. She’d let him watch her masturbate while he jerked off over her. During the next few years, Lina had taught him well.

He had been despondent when his parents decided that his sister no longer needed supervision. Lina was gone. Though they kept in touch through emails, it was never the same. He had found the Blackbird group in a search after a dreadful night with his latest girlfriend when his thoughts had once again turned to Lina.

Now his thoughts turned to Kandi and he brought up their previous conversations – all the things he wouldn’t get to enjoy doing to her.

He slipped his cock out of the swim shorts and began stroking himself as he read. He jerked himself into the memory of exploding inside her.


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